Announcing Our Company's Retirement

To our wonderful loyal supporters, thanks to you we have been around for 25 years, but it's getting time to leave behind the corporate world for retirement.

Since our products are sold with a one year maintenance plan, we want to give our customers a heads-up as to what to expect in our final year of business.

  1. You have come to depend upon WinBatch for your batch job needs. We will continue to improve and maintain our product to leave a robust final version of WinBatch. The last opportunity to download, purchase or renew our products is June 30, 2017. Sales, tech support and code updates are business as usual until then.
  2. Starting June 1, 2016, license maintenance subscriptions issued will not extend beyond June 30, 2017 and refunds are suspended.

For registered customers:

We will continue to honor your existing maintenance agreement. For renewing licenses after June 1, 2016, licenses issued will run through June 30, 2017. Renewal prices will be pro-rated to that end date. For example, if your WinBatch+Compiler license is current through 12/2016, renewing will cost $50 (six months of maintenance) for a license good through the end of 6/2017. A plan price calculator can be found on the Maintenance Renewal Page of our website Order tab. You will need to enter your most current license numbers to determine plan prices.

For new purchases::

Full pricing for our products remain with the caveat that all license maintenance subscriptions will run through June 30, 2017, and no refunds will be given for any purchases after June 1, 2016.


Will I still be able to use my registered WinBatch after June 30, 2017?

Yes! Your license will always work with versions of the software released during its active maintenance period.

I can't find my latest license number to order a renewal. What can I do?

Email your request to us at Include any information to help us find you in our records such as company name, address, last contact name, etc.

Why are we closing shop?

After 25 years in the business, the combination of nearing retirement age and the evolving computing environment makes this decision the most practical.

What's next for WinBatch?

The program has proven itself to be stable for various versions of Windows, and can continue to be a powerhouse tool for your computing needs for many years to come.

Comments or suggestions? Email us at

Again, we are incredibly grateful to the people that support the use of our products. It has been our honor to serve such a great customer base all these years.

The Wilson WindowWare Team

May 2016